On the Road With Short Cuts –
Ten Minute Plays that are fun and good for you!

Short Cuts is an educational and entertaining outreach school tour program comprised of age and theme-appropriate short plays. This “Anti-Bullying & Self-Respect” program brings thematic short drama INTO Miami-Dade County public and private schools, camps, and inner-city community venues. Shortcuts provides live theatre performances, post-show discussions and an online study guide. Students also have the opportunity to join the cast and try their hands at being actors right up on the stage, and learn about careers in the arts.

If you are a student, parent or teacher who would like to know more about bringing
Short Cuts to your school contact City Theatre at 305-755.9401 ext. 12.

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Comments and letters from the schools which we performed at. District 1 Dr. Wilbert “Tee” Holloway

Thank you so much for coming to our community! Our students (and faculty) absolutely LOVED the experience. It was full of joy, learning opportunities, and a new, creative approach to so many middle school issues we face daily. We really appreciate all you offered us during your visit and what you represent for our students. We will be meeting with the Drama Club and giving the students an opportunity to reflect and write back about their experience with City Theatre. We will send these over as soon as we can!

Thank you again! We look forward to a continued relationship.


Ms. Belsky

Drama Club Coach

8th grade Mathematics

North Miami Middle School

My 8th period 6th grade language arts class was invited to the performance. I, personally, enjoyed the show, the actors’ creativity, and the messages embedded in the plays. Also, I liked that the group members talked about their roles in the company.

On Friday, I will have my students write a reflection on City Theatre’s performance and forward them to you. Thank you for sharing and making it a delightful afternoon!

Kind regards,

Tonia Riley

6th Grade Language Arts

North Miami Middle School

I appreciate all that your production company did for our children. I have passed this message on to the teachers of the student audience so that we can provide tangible feedback to the performance. Let me know if anything else is needed.

Dr. Clifton W. Hamilton

IB/MYP Coordinator

North Miami Middle School

Thank you so much for your amazing performance this morning! The kids thoroughly enjoying the shorts and really identified with the characters. It is not easy to keep the attention of 200 6th graders! If there are any other performances or workshops that you offer, please keep Norland Middle in mind.

I am also the director for Ailey Camp Miami sponsored by the Arsht Center and the Alvin Ailey Foundation. Ailey Camp Miami uses the vehicle of dance to promote self-esteem, a good body image, combat bullying and promote social change in kids age 11-14. I would love for you to come to the Arsht Center this summer to present a series of Shorts to about 100 campers.

Tanisha Cidel

Theatre Director

Norland North Center for the Arts

“Drama Mama”

District 3 Dr. Martin Karp

I want to commend your performers, performances, and the professionalism of all involved in the Shorts 4 Kids performances. The actors and Mr. LaFrance were amazing. It was the best program I’ve seen that involves the students, keeps their attention, and makes the lessons loud and clear enough for all to learn. I truly enjoyed the performance and so did my students and staff. Thank you so much for doing what you do and for making this possible for our children.

Maria T. Rodriguez, Ph.D.


Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center

Dr. Karp,

I wanted to take a moment to write this letter to thank you for allowing City Theatre to present to our 6th grade middle school and Drama students. As I am sure you know, every school is extremely busy with tons of activities and events occurring. We are usually running around so much that we miss some very important performances and activities. Well, I am very glad to say that last week, I had the pleasure of taking a few moments and seeing the entire presentation of the City Theatre which was coordinated by Melody Fakhourie and Mcley Lafrance. The presentation captivated the entire audience and the messages that were made were loud and clear. The Shorts 4 Kids hit their target as they touched on friendship, acceptance, tolerance, integrity, kindness, and being yourself at all costs. The part that made the biggest impact was the grounded approach in which the actors made connections to each of the “shorts” and real life. The students, teachers, and I were moved and truly “got” the lessons being taught.

Thank you for sending them to our school and students. Thank you for finding a program that is really meaningful to all.

Thank you!


Maria T. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Principal – Ruth K. Broad Bay Harbor K-8 Center

Dr. Karp,

Good Afternoon, on behalf of Highland Oaks Middle School, I would like to say a great big “Thank You “ for allowing the City Theatre production team to visit our school and perform for our 6th and 7th grade students.  Our students were not only entertained by the team’s outstanding acting and singing skills, but they also had a wonderful and powerful message to share with our students through acting about cyberbullying, teasing, integrity, and being accepting of our different personalities. 

We thank you, Dr. Karp, and the production team so very much for this great opportunity.  Please know that they are welcome ANYTIME at HOM!!   

Cheryl Kushi

Mrs. Cheryl Kushi


Highland Oaks Middle School  6241

Dear Mcley Lafrance, I want to thank you personally for coming to our school and performing today. I have heard nothing but good comments form the students as well as the teachers. In fact, my teachers stated, “This was definitely worth missing class for” and “This is what they should do every time for character education”. My students couldn’t stop talking about it at lunch. They were so excited about the skits. Please pass on my sincere thanks to the cast as well. Hoping to be able to have you here again next year. I will be sure to pass on these sentiments to Dr. Karp as well.


Jean M Nicoleau,

BEAT Magnet Lead Teacher

John F. Kennedy Middle School

District 6 Ms. Raquel Regalado

I hope all is well. I am emaiingl you before days end to express how thankful we are at Citrus Grove Middle. Your crew was amazing and the students really had a great experience. ……. I do look forward to working with City Theatre in the near future!!! I am sure Mcley told you how the students were interacting with the performers and vice versa. Everyone from your staff is really nice and it is clearly evident that you work with true professionals and passionate people.

Thank you once again for exposing our students to your wonderful presentation and the arts. I look forward to working with you and I will send out the consent and feedback letters to you ASAP.

Best Regards,

Carlos Sala MS, Ed.

P.B.S. Coach

Social Studies Department Chairperson

EESAC Chairperson

Citrus Grove Middle (6091)

District 8 Dr. Marta Perez

Greetings Dr. Marta Perez,

Thank you for selecting our school for City Theatre to bring an educational show to our 6th grade students. This morning’s program was truly enjoyed by our students and it brought light to the issue of bullying. The students were able to relate to the skits since they portrayed real life experiences. Students also had an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the show.

Please keep us in mind for future events.

Thank you!

Ana Hernandez
S.C.S.I Instructor/ All-Stars Program Manager/ Activities and Athletics Coordinator
Bowman Ashe/Doolin K-8 Academy

District 9 Dr. Lawrence Feldman

On behalf of our principal, Mr. Charles Hankerson, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful performance City Theatre put on for our 6th graders. The messages presented impact our students on a daily basis and the way the actors engaged our students presented opportunities for positive interaction. We have a diverse student population including special needs students such as (E/BD and Deaf) and they participated as well. It was evident that the students enjoyed and learned some valuable tools that they can use in their daily lives.

Thanks again.

Mrs. Cindy Cooper, NBCT

School Counselor

Student Services Dep’t Chair

Redland Middle School

On behalf of our Carol City Middle School 6th grade team we would like to thank you for bringing Shorts 4 Kids to our school. We look forward to a continued partnership in the future.

Sonia J. Romero, Ed. S., NBCT